There is nothing in life that I would rather do than tell others about Christ!

I make presentations involving multi media, a plethora of personal illustrations, plenty of humor, and lots of storytelling.

Three guarantees that I make as a speaker are:

1. Expect me to use a Bible... every time. The messages that I give are not my thoughts or personal convictions. They come straight from the Word of God.
2. Expect politically correct to be thrown out the window. I am not concerned about being "P.C." My goal is to remain "B.C." which I call "Biblically Correct."
3. Expect to hear the truth in love. Although I am passionate and declare the truth boldly, the message is always seasoned in love, compassion and humility.

In order to get a better idea of who I am and where my gifts and passions lie, please browse around to learn more about me. There are both audio and video productions available which will give you a better idea of my speaking style. Please, get in touch with me if there's anything that I do to partner in your life or ministry.

Go bless,